Coconut Yogurt / Hindistan Cevizi Yoğurdu

Yogurt was one of my biggest struggles after becoming vegan. I remember my first reaction after seeing the prices for plant-based yogurts. I mean, what the hack? In UAE, fresh coconut is AED3, 1 liter coconut milk AED12-16 and 200 gram coconut yogurt is AED22. Eventually, I found myself searching for homemade plant-based yogurt recipes.…… Continue reading Coconut Yogurt / Hindistan Cevizi Yoğurdu

Vegan+GF: Oat&Coconut Milk / Vegan+Glutensiz: Yulaf &H.Cevizi Sütü

I have been making my own plant based milk since I found out I have lactose intolerance which was 3 years ago. Now I am also vegan but I know for a fact that there are a lot of non-vegans who consume plant based dairy products only. There are great brands like Alpro who produce…… Continue reading Vegan+GF: Oat&Coconut Milk / Vegan+Glutensiz: Yulaf &H.Cevizi Sütü